The Shotgun Millionaires are a group of friends who have played music together for a long time. With early beginnings in tribute bands and steady-gigging cover bands, they wanted to take more risks and explore writing original material. Along with solid musicianship and vocal harmonies, the Shotgun Millionaires have brought their diverse range of influences into the creative melting pot. What would it sound like if Van Halen recorded at Motown Studios, or if Dwight Yoakam performed with Boston? The resulting songs are fresh and energetic with engaging story-telling.

Shotgun Millionaires are thrilled to have finished an album with their first set of originals along with a driving Doobie Brothers cover. Produced by award-winning John MacArthur Ellis (Jeremy Fisher, Doc Walker, Jane Sibbery, Be Good Tanyas) at the helm, the Shotgun Millionaires were proud to record at Hamilton’s Catherine North Studios.

The band has continued the process of creating new songs and even re-interpreting the old. The Shotgun Millionaires are set to perform an album-release event in February 6, 2016 at Stonewalls in Hamilton. Tickets are available at the venue and through the band. The band is set to perform several shows at music venues, festivals, and private events this year. They are excited to see their creative process come to fruition as the songs are shared and performed live.